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Paramount Cords
2564 Park Ave
Bronx, N.Y. 10451
ph.  718-401-0288
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Standard Cord list for Pocket Wizard
    "Off the Shelf" cords ready to ship.

Elinchrom to Miniphone  16 Inches Straight
Miniphone to Metz 45cl,ct ( Metz 6) 16 Inches Straight
Miniphone to Metz 60ct1, ( Metz 8) 16 Inches Straight
Household to Miniphone  16 Inches Straight
Household to Miniphone  10 Feet Straight
Miniphone to Hot Shoe Female  with Shoe 1 Foot Straight
Miniphone to Miniphone  16 Inches Straight
Miniphone to Miniphone 6 Feet Straight
Double miniphone / HH Female / PC Female


Pocket wizard bracket with Velcro 1/4 20 screw
1/4" Phono (Monolite) to Miniphone  16 Inches Straight
 1/4" Phono (Monolite, Balcar) to Miniphone   
 PC Female Adapter to Miniphone
 Sunpak (single pin) to Miniphone  16 Inches Straight    
 Vivitar to Miniphone 16 Inches Straight
 PC to Miniphone 16 Inches Straight
PC to Miniphone 10 feet Straight
PC to Miniphone  16 Foot Coiled
PC to Miniphone   5 foot Coiled
PC Long Tip to Miniphone 5 foot Coiled


Hot Shoe Female for 550/ 580ex             MPCF adapter

Fits all flashes with shoe mount including Canon 550, 580EX fits all Nikon Flashes with hot shoe
Shoe adapter for MHSF1
1/4 20 threaded metal mount at bottom of the connector ( left ) Camera cold shoe with screw.  (above right ) $ 5.50 option
* ( Already attached to cord if ordering PW-MHSF1 )
MPCF adapter 
adapter to convert all sync cords to fit Pocket Wizard Radio remotes.


These cords are used to trigger your camera connected to your Pocket Wizard Receiver.

About Pre-trigger cords ( No Switch )  
Pictures # 1 and # 2 ( above )

The Pre-trigger cord keeps the camera "awake" ready  for the shot. Same mode as pressing the shutter half way down. The only way to view your pictures is to unplug the cord from the camera.. Depending on the way you shoot you may or may not need the switch. The camera will remain awake and use up more power.
For Canon   $ 95.00 ea.       For Nikon $ 95.00 ea.

About Pre-trigger cords ( with Switch )  
Pictures # 3 and # 4 ( above )
This cord also keeps the camera "awake" ready  for the shot. When you want to view the photos, Switch off the pretrigger and the camera operates normally as if no cord were in the camera. You can now view and edit your pictures normally. Turn the switch back on, the camera focuses. You are ready for your next photo session. Turn switch off, camera is able to sleep saving power. Also less ware and tare on camera and cord from constant unplugging.
For Canon   $ 125.00 ea.       For Nikon $ 125.00 ea.

Cat# Wiz-mount

The only surface to mount the Pocket Wizard is the area by the battery door.
Most photographers cut Velcro and mosaic it around and on top of the door causing a sticky mess and hinder
the changing of the batteries. There is also the potential for damage to the door or door clip when removing
to replace batteries.
This is a flat bracket that attaches to the back of the Pocket Wizard.
This bracket allows you to securely mount the Pocket Wizard with a full 3 inch by 1 1/2 inch piece of Velcro.
This bracket is attached with a 1/4 20 screw ( supplied ).  Velcro is also supplied with this bracket.
Can be transferred from Pocket Wizard to another. Works with PW Plus T & R, and Multi Max T & R 's.
Protect your inuyvestment !  
buy oneprice  $ 22.00 ea         buy two( 2 ) for $40.00 

The battery door will open and close freely when attached.

Paramount Cords 720 E 239th Street Bronx, NY 10466                 Phone 718-325-9100 fax 718-325-9813





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