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GRAFLEX PAGE               

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Bipost ( Graflex ) 

Tip # 13 ( on Paramount Cords tip chart )  

Bipost ( Graflex )
Fits older Speed Graphic cameras, Crown Graphic, Wollensak Lenses,
Rodenstock Lenses, Camerez and Photo Control cameras. Identified by two pin contacts
protruding from the lens about 1/2 inches apart.
   Tip #13

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 Bipost Page   CLICK HERE

Of course we can make a Bipost cord with any combination of tips or plugs to fit any flash, Coiled or staight, any length go to Custom Cords Page ( and pick tip # 13 )

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Graflex Solenoid 
Tip # 40
( on Paramount Cords tip chart )  

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Tip # 40 

 Only available as a custom made cord
Go to Custom Cords and choose tip # 40- CLICK HERE

ASA Bayonette 
( Tip # 31 )
( on Paramount Cords tip chart )  

wpe40.gif (40096 bytes) The ASA Bayonette connector is a small post, spring loaded at the tip. It has 2 small protruding nubs. One on each side of the post. To connect this to the camera you must push down and turn. This connector is not common but can be found on old Kodak cameras as well as some Graflex lenses.



Tip # 31  ASA Bayonette
is Only available as a custom made cord
Go to Custom Cords  - CLICK HERE  ( and choose tip # 31 )

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Sync cord page from the Graflex Catalog ( back when )

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Super Speed Graphic - Graflex

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Super Speed Graphic tip  # SSG-X    ** $ 30.00
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Refer to tip # SSG-X when ordering. (X sync for electronic flash)

The Super Speed Graphic has 3 contact female connector. The two pins widest apart are  X sync.( electronic flash ).
The 2 pins closest together are used for M sync ( bulb).
This cord is only available as a custom made cord. See Custom Cord page.

**( Other components must be added to create this custom cord)

Graflex Tripost  ( very rare )

Graflex 1000 shutter, Graflex Optar 135mm, Rodenstock

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Contains both X and M sync
Uses our standard Bipost tip number 13
(Photo courtacy of Joaquin, Santa Monica, Ca)

Graflex Flash Plug
Fits into Graflex flashgun handle.
This tip must be ordered by phone.
$35.00 for this tip when added to other tips in a custom cord









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